Election Featured PhotoLast month, The View 38002 contacted the 16 candidates running in contested races for municipal office in Arlington and Lakeland. In each race, each candidate was sent the same questions and instructions.

Two on the Arlington candidates running for re-election are unopposed: Mayor Mike Wissman and School Board Member Kay Williams (Williams serves as Chair of the Arlington Community Schools Boards, but that position is elected by the members of the school board, not the general public). One candidate, Robert Elliott, Sr. did not respond to multiple invitations to participate.

Participating candidates were given a 350-word limit for their responses. The responses printed here are unedited, except for formatting that does not change the content or intent of the answer. The responses are grouped alphabetically by position and separated by municipality, as that is the way that they will appear on the ballot.


Courtney and Mike Barnes at the staring line for the Boston Marathon in Hopkinton, Mass.

Courtney and Mike Barnes at the staring line for the Boston Marathon in Hopkinton, Mass. Photo courtesy of Courtney Barnes.

For Arlington couple Mike and Courtney Barnes, the story of their Boston Marathon run began over five years before when Mike told friends that he would wait to enter until Courtney could join him. We spoke with Courtney and asked her to share her journey.

A real estate agent and insurance investigator by day, Courtney and Mike are both experienced runners and Road Race Club of America certified coaches. In addition to private clients, Courtney coaches Arlington’s LiveFit Running Group. Mike coaches as T3 Running, and also holds a United States of America Track & Field (USATF) level I coaching certification.


The Town of Arlington has announced the creation of the Depot Square Community Garden. Located at 12047 US Hwy 70, the gardens will actually be accessed from Mott Street, located in the Historic Depot Square of Arlington.

Site development is currently underway in partnership with the Arlington Garden Club. Parks Director Kevin Carter states “We will be creating a unique opportunity for citizens of all ages to become a part of the Depot Square Community Garden by offering raised beds to grow fruits and vegetables of their choice.  Families and organizations will be able to grow healthy food and to encourage a healthy community within Arlington.”


Pumpkin_Jack prize

Jack Oliver with a blue-ribbon winner. Photo courtesy of Oliver family.

Lakeland resident Jack Oliver is not your typical businessman, but he has a lifetime of experience growing and selling prize-winning pumpkins. Of course, he is also 12 years old and a 6th grader at Briarcrest Christian School.


Fortner_Kelsey with Mom

“My mom is my rock.” Wendy and Kelsey Fortner. Staff Photo.

A week before her 21st birthday on August 21, 2012, Lakeland resident Kelsey Fortner learned that she had a tumor on her right ovary the size of a baseball.

“I got the best birthday present ever,” Fortner said. “A tumor.”


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