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Photo by Jeremy Elkins

Photo by Jeremy Elkins

As below-freezing temperatures continue to blanket the area, homeowners could be facing potential problems from falling tree limbs and frozen pipes. To minimize damage, it’s important to find someone who can intervene quickly to make emergency repairs – a plumber, restoration company, home improvement contractor or tree service you can trust.

“It’s good to start by getting recommendations from friends and family about contractors they have used,” said Randy Hutchinson, BBB of the Mid-South president. “But don’t stop there. Check out any company you’re thinking of hiring with BBB at bbb.org or by calling our office at 901-759-1300.”

If you don’t have a particular company in mind, the Mid-South BBB can provide  lists of BBB Accredited Businesses in these and other industries who have pledged to do the job right and treat you fairly. “You can access these lists online 24 hours a day on our website at bbb.org/memphis/accredited-business-directory ,” Hutchinson added.

BBB Advice for Dealing with Frozen Pipes:

If your pipes freeze and burst:

  • Cut-off the water valve. If you are unable to locate or operate your cut-off valve, call your water provider immediately for help.
  • Call your insurance agent to file a claim. Be sure to ask for specific procedures or paperwork needed to move forward with repairs.
  • If possible, take photos of any water saturation. An insurance adjuster may need to see what’s been damaged in order to process your claim. Keep any receipts from emergency repairs for reimbursement.
  • As soon as the majority of water has been drained away, all wet items should be discarded or cleaned and thoroughly dried within 48 hours of flooding to prevent the growth of mold, according to the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).
  • Water restoration companies can help remove water and set up equipment for drying areas that were saturated.

BBB Advice for Hiring Companies to Repair Damage Caused by an Ice Storm or Burst Pipes: 

  • Be wary of companies who show up unsolicited at your door offering to make repairs. Most reputable businesses are too busy right now to solicit work in this manner.
  • Beware of price gouging. Some unethical businesses may increase prices due to the high demand for these types of services during the cold weather.
  • Take time to shop around, get competitive bids, and check references and licensing requirements. You can check a company’s rating with BBB on our website 24 hours a day.
  • Access lists of BBB Accredited Businesses in these industries here:
  • Request a written contract, detailing all services, materials and labor. Be sure the contractor signs your copy before you make any payments.
  • Never pay for all repairs in advance and do not pay with cash.
  • Permits may be required for certain kinds of repairs. Consumers should check with their local Code Enforcement office to determine if a permit is needed for their repairs.
  • Confirm insurance credentials. Ask to see proof that the contractor has both liability and workmen’s compensation insurance. If the contractor does not, you could be liable for any accidents on your property, including injury to the technician.
The “Mastodon”  features several different faux leathers (ostrich and standard) with real leather used on the front of the arms. The trim is embossed leather (to look like alligator). There are approximately 1100 nailheads. Staff photo.

The “Mastodon” features several different faux leathers (ostrich and standard) with real leather used on the front of the arms. The trim is embossed leather (to look like alligator). There are approximately 1100 nailheads. Staff photo.

When you talk to Jeremy Elkins, you realize that he is a man of many interests—artist, musician, animal lover, Civil War reinactor, photographer.

“I’m always learning,” Elkins said. With 18 years of  experience as a professional upholsterer, Elkins continually tries add to his skills. “It’s fun to be challenged, and it’s even more rewarding to succeed.”


Christmas Tree RecyclingShelby County Government will again operate a recycling center throughout the holiday season for Christmas trees and other greenery.

The center will be open December 22nd through January 10th in the south parking lot of the Showplace Arena, 105 South Germantown Road. All discarded trees and greenery must be free of lights and other decorations. “This is the 15th year for the holiday recycling program. We’re proud to be a partner with the Shelby County Public Works Division,” said John Charles Wilson, President of Agricenter International.

“The recycling initiative is part of Shelby County’s “Sustainable Shelby” plan, which focuses on ways to conserve energy and protect natural resources. We want citizens to take advantage of this free service. It will help prevent many of these trees and other items from being dumped along the roadsides,” said Tom Needham, Director of Shelby County Public Works.

Mulch made from the greenery will be available to citizens next spring and fall during Earth Day or America Recycles events. The initiative is funded by a litter removal grant from the State of Tennessee Department of Transportation.

For more information, contact Lisa Williams at the Shelby County Public Works Environmental Programs (901) 222-7770.

Photo by Gabor Bibor

Photo by Gabor Bibor

MEMPHIS, TN –According to a Shelby County Health Department news release dated June 24, 2013, the presence of mosquitoes infected with West Nile Virus has been confirmed within the 38002 zip code.

Currently the 38002 zip code is scheduled for additional spraying to kill adult mosquitoes on Monday, July 1 between 8:20 pm – 11:20 pm.  It is unclear from reports whether the spraying scheduled for June 24 has been cancelled.


MEMPHIS, TN – The Shelby County Health Department (SCDH) has received confirmation of mosquitoes infected with West Nile virus (WNV) within the areas of ZIP codes 38106, 38111 and 38134. Mosquitoes carrying West Nile Virus have been previously found in ZIP codes 38016, 38017, 38018, 38053, 38104, 38107, 38109, 38114, 38116, 38120, 38122,38125, 38127, 38133, 38135 and 38141.

Since April, the SCHD Vector Control Program has treated areas by applying larvicides to standing bodies of water, actions consistent with its efforts to be proactive in decreasing the adult mosquito population. Larviciding is the practice of applying an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-registered insecticide to areas where mosquito breeding has been confirmed and is the most effective way of eliminating mosquito populations.

As an additional precaution, the SCHD will also conduct truck-mounted spraying (adulticiding) of EPA-approved insecticides, weather permitting, in portions specific ZIP codes according to the following schedule:

ZIP Codes: 38002, 38053
Monday, June 24
8:20 p.m. – 11:20 p.m.

Individuals with chronic health problems such as asthma or other lung conditions may want to remain indoors during the time of spraying if they live in one of the affected areas. Residents who do not want their residences to be sprayed should contact the SCHD Vector Control Program at (901) 222-9715.

To ensure cases of human West Nile Virus are minimized, residents are also encouraged to be vigilant as it relates to controlling mosquito populations around their homes and businesses by taking the following precautions:

  • Wear DEET-containing mosquito repellants according to label directions
  • Eliminate standing water where mosquitoes can lay eggs. Check properties for objects – including old tires, flowerpots and drip plates, tin cans, buckets, and children’s toys – that collect rainwater and either drain or dispose of the water
  • Install or repair windows and door screens
  • Empty, clean and refill birdbaths and small wading pools weekly
  • Empty and refill pets’ water bowls every few days
  • Repair failed septic systems
  • Repair leaky outside faucets
  • Clean rain gutters and down spouts
  • Secure swimming pool covers tightly and remove any standing water after rainfall Store wheelbarrows, canoes and boats upside down
  • Stock ornamental lawn ponds with fish (Gambusia) which eat mosquito larvae. Gambusia fish are available FREE from the Vector Control Program – please call for availability.

Health officials strongly encourage residents to refrain from sitting outdoors at night unless wearing repellant, regardless of perceived mosquito activity.
A copy of the 2011 WNV report can be found at shelbycountytn.gov.

Photo by H. Michael Frase

Photo by H. Michael Frase

Special to The View 38002

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital® is hosting a free open house to showcase the 2013 St. Jude Dream Home® Giveaway built by Southern Serenity Homes and estimated to be valued at $475,000.

Located in Aston Park, a Renaissance Community in Eads, TN, the single-family home is approximately 4,000 square feet with four bedrooms, three bathrooms, luxurious master bath and covered patio.  Just by touring the home, visitors can register free to win the Open House Prize: a $5,000 shopping spree at Ashley Furniture HomeStore.

The event presents an opportunity for guests to see the neighborhood, floor plan and custom design, and reserve a $100 ticket for the chance to win the St. Jude Dream Home or other prizes.  Tickets reserved by midnight, on Sunday, June 2 are eligible to win a bonus prize of ayear’s worth of gas ($2,500 value), courtesy of Circle K .

The St. Jude Dream Home Giveaway is a 22-year tradition that is now one of the largest single-event fundraisers for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital nationwide.

To date, more than 300 houses have been awarded and the program has raised more than $240 million for St. Jude. The daily operating cost for the research hospital is $1.8 million, which is primarily covered by public contributions.

Proceeds from ticket sales for the 2013 St. Jude Dream Home Giveaway will help children battling cancer and other deadly diseases. No family ever pays St. Jude for anything. St. Jude covers the cost of transportation, food, treatment and lodging. And, for every child treated at the hospital, thousands more have been saved worldwide through St. Jude discoveries.

This year’s sponsors include Southern Serenity Homes, Renaissance, WMC-TV5, KIX106, The Commercial Appeal, Wolfchase Honda, Circle K, national sponsors Brizo and Shaw Floors, among others.

If you go …

45 Dalton Cove, Eads, TN

Saturdays & Sundays from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm through June 16

Cost:  Free

For more information, call 1-800-224-6681 or stjude.org/dhmemphis



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