The Giving Season

Bolton HS Food Bank Provides Thanksgiving Dinners for Area Families

Photo Courtesy of The Bolton Paw Print

Photo Courtesy of The Bolton Paw Print

By Lily Donaldson, The Bolton Paw Print

December is revered by most as ‘the giving season,’ but other than the materialistic presents shared between family members, not a lot of giving is going on. The traditional practice of helping those less fortunate is being replaced with extravagant red and green wrapping paper.

In 2011, Bolton Guidance Counselor Becky Baker challenged the students of Bolton to find the power of giving within themselves by creating a food pantry in association with the Mid-South Food Bank. “I had high expectations for the food bank when we started,” Baker said. “Bolton students have always reacted positively when asked to help.” At first, the donations to the pantry were barely enough to sustain it, but now, it is stocked and thriving.

Since its creation, the pantry has helped hundreds of people in and around Shelby County. This year, over 25 families have consistently been provided the food they need.

The week of November 2, food pantry managers, BHS students Riley Douglas and Brett Freeman, along with a handful of volunteers, held a Thanksgiving food drive to help provide holiday meals to those could not afford them.

“We’re providing food for 400 families in the school district for Thanksgiving,” said Douglas. “We need to help those that aren’t as fortunate as we are.”

Freeman said, “We’re helping people here. We’re helping our own families right here at Bolton. It’s cool to be able to help.” Freeman and Douglas are not the only ones helping; National Honor Society members and International Baccalaureate students also participate.

Bolton Senior Chris Do said, “I think people should donate to the food bank because it’s a chance to be part of something bigger than themselves. We need to realize we are very fortunate people and have a duty to help those who are not.”

Even after the Thanksgiving drive is over, donations will still be accepted year-round. The food bank requests canned chili, canned ravioli, spaghetti sauce, spaghetti noodles, canned fruit, rice, boxed mashed potatoes and canned soup. They do not need green beans, corn or ramen noodles.

Challenge yourself to find the spirit of giving, and when you do, keep the food pantry in your thoughts.

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