Arlington Community Schools Board Meeting, August 26

Arlington_Logo_color_FAAt the first Arlington Community Schools Board meeting after the  first day of school on August 4, the message was that, overall, things are going well.

ACS Chief of Staff Jeff Mayo reported that the system was fully staffed. Due to increased enrollment, two additional teachers have been hired at Donelson Elementary. As well, two teachers resigned for personal reasons and those positions have been filled.

Mayo continued that payroll has been run successfully three times and  sick and vacation time from SCS has been loaded  into the system.

The substitute teacher contract with Kelly Educational Staffinghas had a 100% fill rate to date.

Blackboard Connect, the schools’ rapid notification system will be tested this week with a call to the parents. Once activated it can be used for individual schools and district-wide announcements. PowerSchool will open up  on Sept. 8

Approximately 22 year-long teacher interns from the University of Memphis will be working in Arlington schools.  Mayo anticipates that this will assist the system in developing a “pipeline” of new teachers to recruit.

A “refreshed” logo for  Arlington Community Schools was introduced.  This redesign increases legibility while retaining key elements from first logo.

Superintendent Tammy Mason reported that on the 16th day of school, Arlington schools were at 99.4% of the Shared Services Planner’s projection overall and 102% of Spring enrollment.

  • Arlington Elementary: 921 (92.56% of 995 student programmatic capacity
  • Donelson Elementary: 708 (includes pre-K; 62.93% of 1125 programmatic capacity)
  • Arlington Middle: 1216 (105.74% of 1150 programmatic capacity)
  • Arlington High: 2043 (88.83% of 2300 programmatic capacity)
  • Programmatic capacity is based on a student-teacher ratio of 23:1 for grades 9-12; 26:1 for grades 7-8; 24:1 for grades 4-6; 24:1 for grades 4-5: and 19:1 for K-3.

Mason clarified that programmatic capacity figures shown for Arlington Middle, Arlington Elementary, and Donelson Elementary  were calculated using the 2013-14 ratios; an update will be completed by September 5.

There are a total of 677 non-resident transfer students enrolled in Arlington schools, including  62 from outside of Shelby County. The majority–455–are at Arlington High school, followed by 94 at Donelson Elementary. Lakeland students attending Arlington schools as part of the interlocal agreement between the two systems are not considered non-resident transfer students.

In reporting on the preparations on  the Capital Improvement Plan, Mason said that Nedra Jones, the Shared Service planner used by the municipal systems looked at the historical growth trends in Arlington to project that over a five year period there would be a total of 240 new school-aged residents.

The prediction is that this will impact the system with 70 high school students, 60 middle school students and 110 elementary school students.

Chairman Viox asked about building an addition at AMS to relieve the number of students. Mason replied that if the Lakeland School System removes its students, space will open up. Since the CIP is expected to be complete in February 2015, Lakeland’s decision whether or not to fund the construction of its own middle/high school will be factored into the final plan.

A representative from Tennessee Achieves spoke regarding the need to recruit local mentors for graduating Arlington High seniors participating Last year’s class from AHS had an attrition rate  of approximately 60% .

She added that 78% of these students were the first  generation in their family to attend college.  Having a mentor assists them in navigating an unfamiliar college and financial aid application process.

The next ACS Board meeting is Tuesday, September 23.


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