Local Artist Hopes to Inspire Others to Create

Elizabeth KrantzElizabeth Krantz went to a painting party in November 2011 with some women from her church and came home inspired to paint.  The mom of two young boys, Krantz had been looking for a way to fulfill her need for personal growth.She went to a local craft store, bought materials, and set out to teach herself to paint. As a former design student turned social worker, Krantz had always had an interest in creating.

Painting with acrylics, Krantz favors a primitive or folk-art style.  “Its fun because it’s messy,” she explains.  “There’s no right or wrong way to do it.”

That is not to say that Krantz doesn’t have high standards for her art.  “I’ll do a painting completely over if I don’t like it,” she states. “And I won’t sell or give away anything that I’m not happy with.”

Krantz shares her love of creating art with the community through paint parties, teaching lessons, holding corporate teambuilding sessions, and volunteering to lead monthly Art Therapy classes at Applingwood Health Care Center in Cordova.

“Art Therapy is my ministry,” Krantz says.  “I always want to give back.” Krantz began leading Art Therapy when her grandmother was recovering at Applingwood and the center’s Speech Therapist suggested she lead a group.

Each month, eight to ten ladies ranging from 71-98 years old gather for her class.

“They love it. They are sitting with the canvases and waiting on me to come,” Krantz says.

Her favorite part of painting with others is how the results all look different as each artist gives their work an individual spin.  “I want to inspire other people and let them know that they can teach themselves to do this too.”

In addition to her Facebook page ArtbyElizabethK, Krantz’s work is sold at Classic Trends in Arlington.



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