Arlington Community School Board Approves Open Enrollment Policy, Interlocal Agreement with Lakeland–UPDATED

Agreement Excludes Future Annexation; Phases In Lakeland Students Zoned for Bon Lin Middle

UPDATES:  The interlocal agreement between Arlington Community Schools and Lakeland School System was approved by the boards on February 13 (Arlington) and 10th (Lakeland).  The Arlington Open-Enrollment Policy was approved at its first reading on February 13.


At the February 6 work session, the Arlington Community School Board discussed the long-awaited open enrollment policy and a revised Inter-Local Agreement with the Lakeland School System.  These items are on the agenda to be approved at a special called meeting on February 13 at 6:30 pm.  The Lakeland School System is expected to approve the Inter-Local Agreement at its regular meeting at 7:00 pm on February 10.

Here are the nuts and bolts of the proposed Open Enrollment policy, called “Attendance of Non-Resident Students” (Policy 6.204)

  • Application deadline is April 15 and applications must be filed annually
  • Non-resident students must provide their own transportation
  • Applicants may be rejected for unsatisfactory academic, discipline, and attendance record
  • Priority will be given as follows:
    • 1: Children impacted by educational Cooperative/Inter-local Agreements with other LEAs.
    • 2: Children of employees of Arlington Community Schools inclusive of feeder school patterns.
    • 3: Children who can provide documentation of an exit grade transfer approval issued by Shelby County Schools to the requested school of attendance.
    • 4: Children currently enrolled in Arlington schools for the 2013-14 school year as a result of previous attendance zones
    • 5: Children of non-residents who have siblings attending Arlington schools.
    • 6: Children of employees of businesses in the Town of Arlington (if non-Shelby County residents, will pay tuition).
    • 7: Children of non-residents, but residing within Shelby County.
    • 8: Children of in-state, out-of-county non-residents (will pay tuition)
    • 9: Children of out-of-state, out-of-county non-residents (will pay tuition)

Arlington-Lakeland Interlocal Agreement

The proposed agreement would be effective March 1, 2014 and cover seven school years, until June 30, 2021.  Students residing within the existing Lakeland municipal boundaries are guaranteed Educational Services, specifically including transportation, by the Arlington Community School Board.  The Lakeland School System will pay a per student Seat Fee equal to the Town of Arlington per student local contribution.  The Lakeland School System may terminate the agreement with an advance notice of three school years.

  • Bon Lin Middle School: Lakeland students currently zoned for Bon Lin Middle School will be “phased in” at Arlington Middle School starting with 2014-15 sixth grade students. Students entering seventh and eighth grade in 2014-15 who are currently Lakeland residents and zoned for Bon Lin Middle School will continue to attend BLMS. However, according to the agreement, they will receive Educational Services by the Arlington Board “on a priority basis to the extent capacity is available.”
  • Donelson Elementary:  Lakeland students currently zoned for Donelson Elementary School will continue to attend Donelson Elementary School.


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