Lakeland Mayoral Candidates

Instructions given to Candidates:
The same three questions will be asked of every candidate. Candidates should answer each question separately, but the total number of words for the three answers combined should not exceed 225 words. Answers will not be edited, except in cases of inappropriate language, libel, or excessive length.

Question 1: What are your qualifications for this position?
Question 2: Aside from schools, what do you see as the biggest challenge(s) facing your community and what will you do to overcome it/them?
Question 3: If you are elected, what will be different about your community at the end of your term as a result?


Jim Bomprezzi, Sr.
Wyatt Bunker
Scott Carmichael (Incumbent)

Jim Bomprezzi Sr.Jim Bomprezzi, Sr.

Answer 1:
Lakeland Commissioner, 1995-1997
Lakeland Mayor, 1997-2001
Lakeland Planning Commission, 1995-2001
Lakeland Parks & Recreation Board, 1996-1997
Lakeland Waste Water Sewer Board, 1999-2001.
Metropolitan Planning Organization of Shelby County, representing Lakeland, 1997-2001.
West Tennessee Municipal Council of Governments, representing Lakeland, 1997-2001.
Shelby County Chickasaw Basin Authority, representing Lakeland, 1997-2001
Shelby County Twenty Year Growth Reserve Annexation Plan Committee, representing Lakeland, 1999-2001.

Answer 2:
Paying off the $20,750.000.00 Bond debt borrowed in 2004-2006-2008-2010 by the Present Mayor and Commissioners, causing real estate property taxes.
Build Lakeland City Reserve funds. Abolish Real Estate Property Taxes.
Monitor City Manager Budgets for unnecessary purchases of equipment and hiring too many city employees.
Monitor city employee salaries and benefits to be inline with other cities with same/similar populations and demographics.
Stop buying unneeded land and build liquid assets.
Contract out city projects as needed.

Answer 3:
Lakeland will no longer be anti-business as it has been the past twelve years under the present Mayor and BOC.
As Mayor of Lakeland, I will focus on much needed Economic Development and personally recruit Retail Businesses to Lakeland as I did when Mayor.
Lakeland being business friendly without property taxes will be unique and the envy of all other cities in West Tennessee. Business people will then want to locate in Lakeland.


P1Wyatt Bunker

A1: I have 13 years experience as a legislator having been elected twice to the Shelby County Board of Education and twice to the Shelby County Commission.

A2: Aside from schools, establishing a positive economic development growth trend and eliminating frivolous spending are the most important issues facing our city. We have to set better spending priorities. Supporting the position of “City Arborist” and overspending on land acquisitions/parks will only create the need for future tax increases. Economic development has been stagnant over a number of years due primarily to bureaucratic approval processes and lack of direction from the Mayor/Board of Commissioners. We must revive our economic development and redirect our spending to ensure the needs of our city are met without overburdening our citizens with higher taxes. As the Mayor of Lakeland I will promote a streamlined but accountable approval process and responsible spending.

A3: Over the next four years, I will work closely with the respective boards to ensure our city is moving forward with economic development and is establishing a high performing school system. I will proactively work to promote positive economic growth by aggressively recruiting quality businesses to our city through a controlled economic growth plan. By doing so we will eliminate the need for future tax increases, provide our schools the resources needed and sustain our property values.


CarmichaelScott Carmichael

A1: My four years as a Commissioner and twelve years as Mayor have demonstrated my qualities and capabilities for performing the task that my office holds for me.
A2: The biggest challenge facing Lakeland is increasing retail development and revenues without losing the uniqueness of Lakeland.
Building on our 12 year program of providing an atmosphere that is conducive to maintaining our trees and natural resources while encouraging quality retail and residential development is a continuing challenge. We need to keep our disciplined approach to encouraging quality (Carmichael)
development without harming our current residents or businesses by maintaining and enforcing our Ordinances and regulations.
A related challenge is providing for retail and residential development within our limited resources. The City has established a plan and schedule for financing infrastructure without becoming a burden to Lakeland residents and, as retail revenues increase, the City can quickly increase the pace of the infrastructure plan.

A3: My next term as Mayor will include the completion of the Canada Road/I-40 Interchange and the Beverle Rivera extension to Seed Tick, eliminating a major traffic problem for our residents. The infrastructure plan the current Board started will have upgraded our streets, parks and other unique features of Lakeland.
Also Lakeland will have a world class Municipal School system!

What will not change is my emphasis on quality development that increases revenues that does not negatively impact our current residents and businesses.

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