Debbie’s Dash: A Tribute to an Arlington Treasure


By Laura L. Campbell, Special to THE VIEW 38002 “Just what’s in…


Arlington 5K Results & Photos 2014

2014-10-12 07.55.52

Overcast skies didn’t dampen the enthusiasm at the Arlington 5K, presented by…



Jack of All Trades: Pumpkins are Cash Crop for Lakeland Youth


Lakeland resident Jack Oliver is not your typical businessman, but he has…


How to Fight Like a Princess


A week before her 21st birthday on August 21, 2012, Lakeland resident…



AMS Bobcat Basketball Season Preview 2014-15

The Arlington Middle School Boys Basketball Team hosts their season opener on…


Week 8: AHS Football Players of the Week

AHS Players of the Week against White Station: JoeJoe Stevenson, Offense; Jonathan Mabone , First Citizens Player of the Game; Ryan Flack, Defense; Billy Speight, Special Teams. Staff Photo.

The Arlington High School Tigers Players of the Week for the October…



AHS Presents School House Rock, Live! Jr.

The cast of Schoolhouse Rock Live! Jr., left to right, are Breonna Jackson “Shulie”; Tim Pope, “George”; Nick Behymer, “Tom”; Parker Chase, “Josephine:; and Matthew Newsom, “Joe.” Staff Photo.

Looking for some family-friendly fun this weekend? October 23 through 26, the…


Don’t Miss a Game–Listen to the Tigers on the Arlington Radio Network


This season, catch all the action, home and away, from the Arlington Radio Network,…